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GALLATIN RIVER RANCH (GRR) is a 5,900(+/-) acre residential ranch community outside Bozeman in the Horseshoe Hills of southwest Montana, bordered on the south by the legendary Gallatin River. Offering stunning views of the entire valley floor, showcased by eight mountain ranges, rivers, and rolling farmlands, the GRR is comprised of individual 20 - 60 acre parcels of varying topography. Offering a unique selection of homesteads, there is one that will become the foundation of the comfortable upscale lifestyle you've dreamed of.

The Gallatin River Ranch offers a variety of opportunities in which to integrate you into the community. Whatever your dreams may hold, these spectacular homesteads are priceless for many reasons, and to be enjoyed by every generation.

The pristine quality of our authentic rural community is carefully preserved. Our GRR Ranch Manger oversees the Ranch in order to provide a vigilant environment for you and your family. Our full-time GRR Maintenance Supervisor maintains our private road system to ensure access through every season. As we maximize their use and minimize their impact, our roads are smooth and well maintained, but they are not paved. GRR is proud to host a volunteer fire department, complete with licensed EMT Responders and on on-site Fire Chief.

Montana's heritage grips our imagination! This land is rich in history, legend, and lore. In the late 1800's settlers homesteaded in this area. Today, the undaunted spirit of pioneers, Native Americans, and Lewis & Clark has been blended to perfection at Gallatin River Ranch. We've combined Old West timelessness with modern day amenities in order to create the ideal Montana lifestyle. So, put on your favorite boots and get comfortable--Gallatin River Ranch is waiting for you!

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Hot on the heels of a report that found Gallatin County could see 55,000 new residents by 2045, the U.S. Census Bureau last week released its most recent population estimates, which rank the Bozeman area the fastest-growing of its size in the nation.

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An image from 1921 hangs in one of Manhattan's largest downtown businesses. The scene in black and white shows women in dresses and men in collared shirts before storefront windows. A man leans against his bicycle and a few Model T-era cars are staged along the main street. The people in the town portrait look proud and it seems they wanted to lock that feeling in history. The blown-up picture now hangs in AmeriMont Real Estate, where agents pitch Manhattan on the idea that it's "as local as local gets."

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Crisp air, fresh snow, and gorgeous mountain views draw travelers to the slopes every winter from mid-October through mid-April. In fact, seven of the top ten fall destinations for vacation home rentals are cities with mountains equipped for snow sports. As the prime season for skiing and snowboarding approaches, travelers have plenty of U.S. resorts to choose from spanning from coast to coast. Factors such as number of trails (and their levels of difficulty), lift ticket prices, and the amount of snowfall all play a role in deciding where to visit. A mogul-covered mountain that's fitting for an avid, lifelong skier might not be an optimal fit for a newbie who would benefit from shorter, less difficult runs. And large families, for instance, might prefer resorts with less expensive lift tickets.

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It doesn’t get much more scenic than Bozeman, Mont., a picturesque college town nestled between four mountain ranges and located just 90 minutes from Yellowstone National Park. A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, Bozeman boasts easy access to world-class skiing, fishing, hiking, rafting, and more. It also offers a charming downtown area and a surprisingly vibrant cultural scene, thanks to the presence of Montana State University and a number of art and music events like the annual Sweet Pea Festival.

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Trees and shrubs

Tree & Shrub Planting Guide

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Our Builder Program

You may use any builder you would like to build your home on the GRR. However, our builder's program will save you valuable time and energy. We have already done most of the preliminary footwork and research for building and are happy to arrange interviews with each builder for you. To assist you in building your dream home, we have carefully selected several of Gallatin Valley's most respected builders who are solidly committed to the Gallatin River Ranch's standards. With their knowledge of the GRR and long-standing reputations for quality, style, and stability, these builders will ensure that your home is meticulously planned and masterfully built to meet your needs.

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Deboer Construction

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Dick Anderson Construction

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Vidmar Construction Inc

Our Valley & Surrounding Mtn Ranges

On this land in the 1800's, they sought shelter, refuge, room to stretch, abundant wildlife, moderate winters and easy access to the bounty of the Gallatin River. The dreams of our forefathers are not so different from yours. Whatever your dreams may hold, these one-of-a-kind homesteads are priceless and can never again be duplicated. Like those who came before us, the value of our investment will be recognized and enjoyed for generations.


  • Natural Stone Archway
  • Caves
  • Fossil Beds
  • Spring Creek
  • Open Rolling Grassland
  • Algae Columns


  • Variety of trees: cedar, juniper, white pine trees, cottonwoods, and willows
  • Native grasslands
  • Montana's state flower: Bitterroot
  • Wildflowers: yucca, desert primrose, rabbit brush, aster daisy, yellow bell, delphinium


  • Banana Belt Region
  • Summers are mostly sunny and warm
  • Winters are crisp & clear with light snow
  • Precipitation - an average of 14" annually
  • Milder temperatures than surrounding areas
  • Four distinct seasons