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The Gallatin River Ranch

features a world-class equestrian center, run as a private business but located centrally in the GRR. In Montana, horses are simply a part of our heritage and we’ve gone to great lengths to help you continue that tradition. The Equestrian Center has offered state-of-the-art facilities, professional trainers, knowledgeable staff and custom-designed programs for both horse & rider.

Riders are welcome

to explore the Ranch’s private 5,900(+/-) acres of rolling grasslands, scenic vistas, and winding gulches. You and your horse will love the diverse terrain of Gallatin River Ranch!

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Horses Boarding

at the Gallatin River Ranch Equestrian Center (a privately run business) provides boarders with professional care and are allowed daily exercise. They can offer instruction in a safe, supervised environment, for all levels of ability, and for a variety of riding disciplines. Staff assures both the horse and rider that they are glad to be here! They love horses and know how to tend to them. When more serious treatment is needed, a widely respected team of veterinarians is on call.

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  • 40-Stall Barn
  • Indoor and Outdoor Stalls
  • Automatic Waterers
  • 12' x 24' Foaling/Vet Stall
  • Heated Vetting Area with Stocks
  • Farriers Stall
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Heated Wash Room with Wash Racks
  • Private Tack Rooms & Tack Lockers
  • Two 60' Round Pens
  • Individual Sheltered Turn-outs
  • Multiple Turn-out Pastures
  • 100' x 200' Indoor Arena
  • 120' x 250' Outdoor Arena
  • Private Observation Deck and Kitchen Available By Special Arrangement